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Over the last 20 years SG Plastic has become an industry leader of the design, production and installation of wet scrubbers. In order to keep up with the ever increasing demand, SG Plastic has developed 5 pre-engineered ranges of scrubbers to service a variety of applications. These ranges include vertical and horizontal constructions for continuous as well as emergency scrubbing applications and can service flow rates of 2 000 – 100 000 m3/hr. The standardisation of these chemical wet scrubbers has allowed SG Plastic to pre develop all documentation such as designs, drawings, material lists, QCP’s, and method statements as well as allow standard production and installation methods. This allows SG Plastic the fastest delivery time in the industry, while also supplying the customer the highest quality product backed up with a process guarantee and all relative documentation on demand.

Customised scrubbers that do not fit any of our standard ranges/models are available on request. All engineering of these custom designs is done in house and in close communication with our international design partners.

ammonia scrubber

In addition to the multiple ranges of various continuous chemical wet scrubbers, SG Plastic has designed a specialised Emergency Scrubber (EMS) range. These scrubbers are typically installed to handle extremely high concentrations of chlorine/ammonia gas release from bulk storage facilities. These specialist scrubbers act as the safety barrier between deadly chlorine/ammonia leaks and human life.  SG Plastic has multiple working emergency scrubbers country wide.

Customised EMS scrubbers that do not fit any of our standard range/models are available on request. All engineering of these custom designs is done in house and in close communication with our international design partners.


Due to the unique design of the random packing used in the production of SG Plastics scrubbers, SG Plastic has perfected the use of wet scrubbers for the removal of contaminated air streams using biological life forms rather than chemical reagents. Biological scrubbers, also known as Bio trickling Filters allow for the efficient cleaning of contaminated air streams in the most eco-friendly manner – Extensively used in the Biogas industries. All Biogas Scrubbers are custom designed and built to order and hence do not make up part of our standard scrubber ranges.


SG Plastic design, manufacture and install custom Air Strippers (also known as degassers) to customer’s specifications. Air Strippers remove contaminants from process water allowing the water to be reused. All air strippers come standard with a process guarantee.


SG Plastic fabricates a two standardised ranges of medium – high volume centrifugal fans for corrosion resistant applications. Our standard ranges include the CDV range for medium volume applications of up to 10 000m3/hr and the CBV range for higher volume applications up to 100 000m3/hr. All fans in these two ranges are available in a variety of thermo-plastic materials such as Polypropylene, PVC, HDPE and PVDF.

For customers requiring custom designed fans that do not fit into the parameters of our standard ranges, we offer custom design on request.

TFF Range Fume Cupboard With Integrated Extraction Fan

SG Plastic offers 3 standard ranges of fume cupboards and a custom or purpose-built option, all constructed from chemical resistant material. All ranges have the ability to accept various utilities such as water, compressed air and vacuum and no metallic parts come into contact with the contaminated air stream. All units (excluding the LAB range) come standard with florescent lighting and are “plug and play” – 220 V. The TFS range is designed specifically for connecting to ducting systems with remote fan. The TFF range has a purpose-built extraction fan incorporated into the fume cupboard. The LAB range has an integrated extraction fan and scrubber allowing for 99%+ contaminant removal efficiency.

ventilation Systems

SG Plastic is an expert in the manufacture and design of industrial ventilation systems. Ventilation systems are made from thermoplastics allowing for the capture and safe transport of corrosive air streams. These systems can be installed to existing equipment or as part of new SG Plastic Equipment installations. They are available in a variety of thermo-plastic materials such as Polypropylene, PVC, HDPE and PVDF. Our competent staff members are correctly certified to install ducting at any height and are readily available.


SG Plastic designs, manufactures and installs all types of process tanks for the storage of corrosive liquids. These tanks may be cylindrical or rectangular as per the customers’ requirements. All tanks are manufactured to DVS / SABS standards and hold a guarantee on their design. Tanks of all sizes and shapes are manufactured depending on the customers preference form 10L – 300 000L capacities. Tanks may be fabricated from a variety of thermo-plastic materials such as Polypropylene, HDPE, PVC and PVDF.


SG Plastic’s highly trained plasticians and welders fabricate a large variety of thermoplastic items to fit any customer’s needs. Designs of custom equipment can be done in house by SG Plastic’s design personnel or can be done by the customer. No matter construction, SG Plastic can build it

Rotational Moulding

SG Plastic rotational moulds standardise items to customers’ requirements. Our state of the art rotational moulding facility can accommodate moulds of up to 3m x 3m. All items are moulded using the highest grade LLDPE powders in a variety of colours. For more information, contact one of SG Plastic’s competent sales staff.

Chemical Pumps

SG Plastic is a partner and approved agent for ARGAL Chemical Pumps. We supply and stock a large variety of pump constructions for the effective and safe transfer of harmful chemicals. All pumps are manufactured using the highest grade thermoplastics for unmatched chemical resistance.

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