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Electrowinning Cells

Electrowinning cell range is comprised of cell cross sections to suit 600×600 mm, 800×800 mm & 1000×1000 mm anode/cathode sizes.

  • 100% polypropylene used in cells – high strength, impact resistant, monolithic material that will not corrode, become brittle or de-laminate
  • The polypropylene cell is not able to conduct direct electric current, giving superior inherent safety characteristics over stainless alternative cells with lining that is prone to tearing and peeling
  • light weight cells allow for easy relocation if required
  • Polypropylene cathode baskets retain the stainless steel stocking or steel  wool to avoid any opportunity for shorting between the cathode stocking/wool and the anode mesh
  • Anodes & cathodes can be readily accessed and removed
  • Standardised copper busbars for superior conductivity and performance
  • Grade 316 stainless steel anode mesh and cathode frame materials
  • Fabricated using the highest grade Virgin Polypropylene sheeting for unmatched chemical resistance
  • Can be provided with a rectifier and fume extraction system to provide a total electrowinning solution
  • Reliable supply of spare parts and consumables for all types of electrowinning cells


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