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S G Plastic Construction is a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment to client specifications. Materials of construction are uPVC, Polypropylene, HDPE, PVDF and GRP. Materials are selected for their corrosion resistant properties.

Our trained personnel are efficient in the welding of plastics according to SABS and DVS (German) specifications. The welding of sheeting and piping includes plastic welding, extrusion welding, butt welding, electrofusion welding, socket fusion welding and solvent welding.

S G Plastic Construction cc is a leader in the field of fume scrubbing. Our scrubbers have the unique feature of having a smaller footprint and smaller allied equipment, without sacrificing efficiency. Our scrubbing process encompasses both the chemical treatment or biological treatment of emissions.

Our process comfortably removes acid fumes such as Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrous Dioxides (NOx), Perchloric acid, Nitric acid (NH3), Hydrochloric acid (HCl), Chlorine (Cl2) and Chlorine dioxide (ClO2). We also have scrubbers to remove Ammonia (NH3), Caustic (NaOH) and amines.

Our odour control scrubbers remove Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and other sulphur containing compounds efficiently. These scrubbers employ the use of chemicals or biological methods.

All scrubber designs carry a process guarantee if used in conjunction with specified internals.

Industrial ventilation is paramount to the control of corrosive and hazardous emissions. Our range of extraction fans (centrifugal and bifurcated), are completely corrosive resistant with no metallic parts in the air stream. Coupled with our fume cupboards and extraction hoods, we provide a complete solution for the control and capture of fumes from the workplace.

S G Plastic Construction designs and manufactures custom build tanks for the plating, galvanizing and anodizing industry. Rotational moulded storage tanks with custom fittings are available upon request, as well as custom hand fabricated acid and water storage tanks.

Turnkey projects for water reticulation, acid transfer and gas plastic pipe lines are undertaken and installed to client requirements.

Our Rotational moulding division can undertake small and large runs. We are able to facilitate the manufacture of moulds and the assembly of items.

Scrubbers & Degassers
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Our scrubbers remove fumes from the air stream such as SO2, NOx, HCL, Nitric, Perchloric, ammonia, caustic, H2S, Cl2, ClO2. Plastic Industrial Ventilation, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Plastic Industrial Ventilation Equipment, Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Hood, Industrial Ventilation Fan, Plastic Hvac Ducting, Plastic Air Ducting, Plastic Hood Ducting, Plastic Ventilation Ducting We supply industry with fume cupboards, fume canopies, local exhaust fume hoods and ducting specifically designed for the effective control and capture of fugitive emissions.
Fans Tanks
Plastic Fans, Industrial Plastic Fan, Plastic Radial Fans, Plastic Axial Fans, Plastic Axial Flow Fans, Plastic Industrial Fans, Thermoplastic Axial Fans, Pvc Centrifugal Fan, Polypropylene Fans, Industrial Fans Centrifugal, Roof Centrifugal Extractor Fans, Thermoplastic Axial Flow Fans
To move air in a ventilation or exhaust system, energy is required to overcome the system losses. This energy is created by a powered air moving device known as a FAN.
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SGP utilizes RITA 2.2 and Tank designer programs for authenticated design of plastic tanks manufactured from PVC, cPVC, PP, HDPE and PVDF.
Laboratory Equipment Piping
Fume Cupboard, PVC Polypropylene Fume Cupboard, PVDF Fume Cupboard, Fume Cupboards, Plastic Fume Cupboards, Plastic Laboratory Equipment Corrosive resistant fume hoods and fume cupboards are manufactured entirely of plastic materials and made to order to suite your purpose.
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S G plastic Construction manufactures installs and tests plastic piping for water reticulation, acid transfer, slurry and gas lines. Materials of construction are uPVC, Polypropylene, HDPE, PVDF and GRP.
Welding Turnkey Projects
Our personnel are proficient in plastic welding to DVS 2207 specifications. Welding processes include hot gas welding, extrusion welding, sheet and pipe butt welding as well as solvent welding.
Plastic Fabrication, Plastic Pipe Fabrication, Custom Plastic Fabrication, Plastic Fabrications
SG Plastics undertake complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of plants. We have a team of designers at our disposal who will take plants from conceptual phase right through draughting, design and manufacture.
Rotational Moulding Custom Fabrication
Rotational Moulding, Plastic Rotational Moulding
SG Plastics is able to assist clients with design and manufacture of moulds. Jobs of all sizes are undertaken with emphasis on niche market products. An oven capacity of 2500l is currently in operation with plans for a bigger facility in the near future. Plastic Fabrication, Plastic Pipe Fabrication, Custom Plastic Fabrication, Plastic Fabrication Goods manufactured to client’s specifications. Ad hoc welding and repairs undertaken.
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